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Breed: Large Pointer cross?

Sex: Neutered Male

Age: 3 years approx

Size: Very Large

Colour: Brown and black

Coat: Smooth

Vaccinations: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Obedience: Can be left 4-5 hours

Children: OK around older children 12+ years as he is large and very bouncy

Other Dogs: Excited around other dogs. OK with dogs he knows.

Chewing: Does not chew

Lead: Bouncy on the lead but walks better on the slip lead

Off Lead: Will come back to command

Travelling: OK in cars

Microchipped: Yes

Notes: Toby currently has an ear infection for which he is receiving treatment. Very lively, loves attention. Large dog, strong on the lead at first but does walk well. Needs more lead training. Needs a strong pack leader. Can be dominant in the home, will try to push you about. Has now been neutered - this may reduce the urge to be top dog. Toby has gained weight since he came into the rescue. He is twice the size of a Pointer.

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