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Breed: Cross Breed

Sex: Neutered Male

Age: 6 years approx

Size: Large

Colour: Tan and white

Coat: Smooth

Vaccinations: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Obedience: Can be left 2-3 hours. Can jump a 5ft fence.

Children: Not good with children

Other Dogs: Probably does not want to live with a dog

Cats: Not suitable for a home with cats

Chewing: Does not chew

Lead: Walks well on the lead

Off Lead: Does not come back to command

Travelling: OK in cars

Microchipped: Yes

Notes: Notes from the dog walker: "Bruce is such a great dog to walk and loves being outside! He gets quite excited about getting out of the kennels but don’t be put off he soon calms down (after about 50m of walking down the path!). He’s a responsive dog who will follow commands and does listen to you (but perhaps not in the initial excitement of getting out of the kennel). He’s not keen on dogs larger than him but if you jog by them he tends to ignore them. He will trot along next to you once he has been out for a while and has finished sniffing around! He has a gentle nature and doesn’t like getting his paws dirty!" Brought to the rescue after his elderly owner moved to sheltered accomodation.

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